Specialized in organic onions

TVA Organics

TVA Organics is a specialized organic onions company with the following activities:

About us

TVA Organics is originated from the organic and bio-dynamic companies Twisk Organics and Van Andel Bio. These companies have been producing organic crops for 30 years and are specialized in the following products:

  • First year onion sets yellow and red
  • Second year onion sets yellow and red
  • Shallots sets and sowing onions
  • Red sowing onions
  • Yellow sowing onions
  • The cultivation of materials for organics seeds

We can store 5.000 ton of product in boxes, of which the greater part has a condense drying system.

Furthermore we have a spacious packaging hall with 2 sorting lines and multiple packaging possibilities.


TVA Organics is a mean to deliver organic onions in the best possible conditions to our customers. This begins with a successful cultivation and an optimal storage. We try to sell the cultivated organic onions from ourselves and colleague farmers as good as possible. We preferably work with customers that want to discuss fixed programs with us. We always look for long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Together we want to take special care to our produced organic onions. In the future we would like to sell allot more organic onions in the Netherlands.


Our products can be delivered lose in a truck, in a bigbag, in nets (5, 10 or 20kg) or in small packaging (350 gram - 2,5 kg)

Yellow onions

Wij hebben gele plant en zaai uien. Onze gele uien kunnen wij een jaarrond leveren. 

Red onions

We have red onion sets and sowing onions. We can deliver the whole year round.


We have sowing shallots and shallot sets. We can deliver the whole year round. 


TVA Organics is in compliance with the certificates stated below. Click on the logo to view the certificate. 


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Joost Jonk

Inbound and outbound sales